Dublin born Paul Costelloe is one of the most established names in British and Irish Fashion. With a strong sense of style and the desire to create wearable designs with a fresh feel, it is easy to see why Paul Costelloe has been the head of such a successful label for over 25 years.

In the late 1960s, Paul went to Paris and enrolled at the Chamber Syndicate, the French equivalent of the British Fashion Council. Typically dismissive of his formal training, Paul says he learnt most about fashion just by living in Paris in the era of Ungaro and Cardin. By 1969, still only 23 years old, he was design assistant to Jacques Esterel.

Moving from the sublime to the commercial two years later, Paul became a designer with Marks & Spencer and was sent to train in Milan. M&S soon abandoned their assault on the Italians but Paul stayed on with La Renescente, the department store whose previous designers had included Giorgio Armani.

By the time he had added the USA to his CV, working first in New York and then in Philadelphia, Paul Costelloe had become an experienced designer. It was time to create his own label, which he did by moving back to Ireland in 1979.

This new departure for Paul into jewellery design heralds the beginning of another era in his distinguished career. Combining his signature style of classic and sophisticated pieces, this collection is another triumph of this creativity and experience.


In Introduction to Paul Costelloe

Paul Costelloe is not a label. Paul Costelloe is the designer himself and the values and philosophies that he holds dear - quality, youthfulness, beautiful tailoring, acute attention to detail and ensuring those that buy Paul Costelloe look and feel fantastic.

It is these values, as well as the designer’s passion and open and charismatic personality, that have grown Paul Costelloe from a small womenswear design and production house in Dublin selling one or two collections a year thirty-five years ago, to a multi-million pound business retailing .

The Paul Costelloe brand continues to be family owned and run through the designer’s headquarters in the heart of London’s fashion district and Paul maintains his position as head designer across all areas of the Paul Costelloe brand.

His rigorous standards for using the most high-quality and beautiful materials, as well as a team of expert, technicians and manufacturers, ensures every piece is exceptionally beautiful with an essence of understated style.


“Creativity, texture and traditional design are what I want my brand to always be”

Paul Costelloe

Paul Costelloe Spring/Summer 2016 from brightonart on Vimeo.